London Racer 2 Game Download Free For PC Full Version

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London racer 2 is a racing installment where many players can play it in their computer without losing their MBs. Because this is very low size series just enjoy it to have some fun in life. You can also check tekken tag 1 game and defeating you enemies is the best strategy of winning races. The main thing is that link is not available for android version or any other extensions.

London Racer 2 Game Free Download

Description Of London Racer 2 Game

Type Racing
Downloads 10k
Release date 2002
Developers Davilex
Platform PC, Playstation 2, Xbox one, Mac

In the beginning of this creation our player has to face many difficulties, but on the other hand defeating your opponent is a good idea.

Never ever try to hit the sides of the road because it can damage your vehicle and in some circumstances our car will blast. That is not a great thing just try to focus on handling and get reward for winning.

London racer 2 game will provide you 77% Gameplay enjoyment where vehicle can jump from roofs and this can be counted in stunts. An error is the main thing a game doesn’t want to get in their computer. My younger brother loves to play this sort of installment whenever he comes back from school his main homework is to play this series.

London Racer 2 game has new cities that are not available in last version the races are rare and engine can be ceased if you drive too much fast. Cop will also find if anyone wants to break rules traffic rules cannot be broken or finding a place of hiding will take us away from police. Then, they are not able to catch us probably.

Our aim is to provide 100% working stuff, so believe in us without taking any kind of serious tension in your mind.

Great Points In London Racer 2 Game

  • Visual effects and atmosphere is stunning.
  • Low spec installment where some MBs required.
  • High class races with rivals.
  • We can also play with BMW vehicle.
  • Cops are also available to catch our player.

Duel system is also a main thing where we can enjoy with our friends or anyone in the house. Single race or tournament level are the main source of becoming a professional player in this incredible series.

My favorite car Chevrolet Corvette the reason is simple and nice because we can beat our opponents very easily with this fabulous handling capacity.




Low PC Requirements

  • Ram = 128 MB
  • Vga card = 64 MB
  • Processor = 1.2 GHz
  • Hard disk space = 200 MB

Accurate PC Requirements

  • Ram = 256 MB
  • Graphics card = 128 MB
  • Processor : 2.0 GHz
  • Hard drive space = 300 MB
  • Windows = 7, 8, 10 and XP

How To Download And Install

  1. First you need to click the blue download button and on the next page get it in a very simple way.
  2. After, that on below installation guide button watch the complete guide video of how to install London racer 2 game for your PC.
  3. Don’t try to skip the video because it will tell step-by-step method and that is a little bit difficult to understand.
  4. If you have still any kind of problem than ask me in comment section after that, we will solve your problem.

London Racer 2 Game Free Download

The story is quite simple first two stages can be easily cleared, but as you move forward to your aim there will be a lot of hard sequences. Engine speed meter is also shown as the drift system will make us more energetic in Gameplay. We are also able to fill fuel from petrol station and can recover our vehicle from garage.


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